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Dr. Sergey Grishkevich (Siarhei Hryshkevich)
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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Ausgewählte Veröffentlichungen

  • Mimicking multichannel scattering with single-channel approaches,
    S. Grishkevich, Ph. Schneider, Yulian V. Vanne and A. Saenz,
    Phys. Rev. A 81, 022719 (2010).
  • Ab initio determination of Bose-Hubbard parameters for two ultracold atoms in an optical lattice using a three-well potential,
    Ph. Schneider, S. Grishkevich and A. Saenz,
    Phys. Rev. A 80, 013404 (2009).
  • Theoretical description of two ultracold atoms in a single site of a three-dimensional optical lattice using realistic interatomic interaction potentials,
    S. Grishkevich, and A. Saenz,
    Phys. Rev. A 80, 013403 (2009).