October 14 2019

15 till 17.10.19: Visit of Prof. Sandro Wimberger (Università di Parma)

Prof. Sandro Wimberger (Università di Parma) will visit us from Tuesday 15.10.2019 to Thursday 17.10.2019 .

He will give a talk in the CTRL-Q seminar on Wednesday 16.10.2019 at 09:00 in room E.04.

Accelerating adiabatic state transfer with high-frequency drivings

Quantum adiabatic driving is one of the pillars of time-dependent quantum control. However, the limitations imposed by the coherence times are typically in sharp contrast with the necessity of slow evolutions imposed by the adiabatic theorem. A method will be presented for accelerating adiabatic state transfer for few-level systems. This works by introducing suitably tailored fast oscillations in the intrinsic parameters of the original Hamiltonian: the oscillations mediate an effective Hamiltonian dynamically compensating for undesired transitions. It will be shown how the protocol can be exploited for accelerating STIRAP state transfer and for producing entanglement between two qubits, e.g., in a circuit QED setting.
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[3] F. Petiziol, S. Wimberger, Condens. Mat. 4(1),34 (2019)

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