May 17 2011

Meeting with Fleischhauer's group

Meeting with the Theoretical Quantum Optics Group of Prof. Dr. Michael Fleischhauer, Technische Universit├Ąt Kaiserslautern
Kaiserslautern, May 17th


A) Start at 9:30

1. Dr. Cecilia Cormick, "Trapping ions with lasers".
2. Hessam Habibian, "Ultracold atoms in an optical cavity potential".
3. Stefan Sch├╝tz, "Self-organization of atoms in optical cavities".

B) Lunch ~13:00

C) After lunch session (ends at 15:00)

4. Dominik Muth "Dynamics of repulsively and attractively interacting Bosons in 1D after an interaction quench".
5. Johannes Otterbach "Strongly correlated photons using Rydberg interactions".
6. David Dzsotjan "Collective behaviour of quantum emitters coupled to plasmon modes of nanowires".

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