December 08 2011

New article: Phys. Rev. A 84, 063821

Quantum superpositions of crystalline structures
Jens D. Baltrusch, Cecilia Cormick, Gabriele De Chiara, Tommaso Calarco and Giovanna Morigi
Phys. Rev. A 84, 063821 (2011).

See accompanying Physics Synopsis

A procedure is discussed for creating coherent superpositions of motional states of ion strings. The motional states are across the structural transition linear-zigzag, and their coherent superposition is achieved by means of spin-dependent forces, such that a coherent superposition of the electronic states of one ion evolves into an entangled state between the chain's internal and external degrees of freedom. It is shown that the creation of such an entangled state can be revealed by performing Ramsey interferometry with one ion of the chain.

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