October 31 2012

27.11.2012 Talk of Maxim Efremov (Ulm) on "Novel resonant states in three-body problem."

Maxim Efremov from the group of Prof. Schleich will give a talk on ” Novel resonant states in three-body problem” in our group seminar in room 4.18 at 10:30 on 27.11.2012.

We consider the bound states of the three-body system consisting of a light particle and two heavy ones when the heavy-light short-range interaction potential has a resonance corresponding to the non-zero orbital moment. Within the Born-Oppenheimer approach we suggest the novel method to find the effective potential between the heavy particles by self-consistent scattering of a light particle by two heavy ones. In the case of the exact resonance in the p-wave scattering the effective potential is shown to be attractive and long-range, namely decreases as the third power of inter-atomic distance. Moreover, the range and power of the potential, as well as the number of the bound states are determined mainly by the mass ratio of the heavy and light particles and the parameters of the heavy-light short-range potential.

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