May 12 2014

15-16.05.2014: visit of Duncan O'Dell

Duncan O'Dell (McMaster University) visits us and will give a talk on Friday in room E.11 at 11.00 o'clock about: "Using cavity QED for measurements of gravity"

Abstract:I will present a theoretical proposal for using cold atoms trapped inside a high finesse optical cavity to measure the local acceleration due to gravity. The atoms perform Bloch oscillations in the intracavity optical lattice inside a vertically oriented cavity that is pumped by a laser. In the regime of strong atom-light coupling achievable in cavities this leaves an imprint on the light leaking out of the cavity which can be used to make a continuous measurement of gravity. I will also discuss how atoms can be transported either with or against gravity depending on the detuning of the laser from the cavity resonance.

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