June 01 2015

08.-10.06.2015: Visit of Bruno Peaudecerf

Bruno Peaudecerf (Strathclyde University, Glasgow) is visiting us and will give a talk about "Single-atom imaging of fermions in a quantum-gas microscope" in our group seminar on Tuesday 09.06.2015, 09.00 o'clock in room 4.18.

Ultracold atoms in optical lattices have become a key tool to simulate and test fundamental concepts of condensed matter physics, in particular to simulate electrons in solid crystals. A quantum-gas microscope with single-atom and single-site resolution furthermore allows for direct measurement of ordered quantum phases and out-of-equilibrium dynamics, with access to quantities ranging from spin-spin correlation functions to many-particle entanglement. Until recently, fluorescence imaging of individual atoms in a quantum-gas microscope had only been achieved for bosonic species with optical molasses cooling, while the detection of fermionic alkaline atoms in optical lattices proved more challenging. In this talk I will present our realisation of single-site- and single-atom-resolved fluorescence imaging of fermionic potassium-40 atoms in a quantum-gas microscope setup using electromagnetically-induced-transparency cooling [1]. We detected on average 1000 fluorescence photons from a single atom within 1.5 s, while keeping it close to the vibrational ground state of the optical lattice. Our results will enable the investigation of phenomena and properties of strongly correlated fermionic quantum systems, with direct probing at the single atom level, e.g., of the local entropy distribution and individual defects in fermionic Mott insulators, or of spin-spin correlations at the onset of antiferromagnetic ordering. [1] E. Haller et al., arXiv:1503:02005

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