Old group photos

Oct 2019 Group Photo October 2019
From left to right: Christian Otto, Tom Schmit, Susanna Trampert, Frederic Folz, Simon Jäger, Alexey Konovalov, Shraddha Sharma, Giovanna Morigi, Rebecca Kraus, Peter-Maximilian Ney, Francesco Rosati, Luigi Giannelli.
Not in the picture: Mario Collura, Timo Felser, Malte Henkel.
Oct 2018 Group Photo October 2018
From left to right: Shraddha Sharma, Giovanna Morigi, Rebecca Kraus, Simon Jäger, Lukas Himbert, Alexey Konovalov, Luigi Giannelli, Jonas Cassel, Andreas Buchheit, Frederic Folz, Peter-Maximilian Ney, Ingeborg Michel, Tom Schmit.
Not in the picture: Susanne Blum, Mario Collura, Timo Felser, Malte Henkel, Simone Montangero, Francesco Rosati.
Feb 2018 Group Photo February 2018
From left to right: Nahuel Freitas, Francesco Rosati, Giovanna Morigi, Simon Jäger, Rebecca Kraus, Tom Schmit, Ingeborg Michel, Shraddha Sharma, Andreas Buchheit, Luigi Giannelli, Alexey Konovalov.
Not in the picture: Susanne Blum, Timo Felser, Lukas Himbert, Frederic Folz.
Mar 2017 Group Photo February 2017
From left to right: Giovanna Morigi, Shraddha Sharma, Luigi Giannelli, Simon Jäger, Lukas Himbert, Ingeborg Michel, Rebecca Kraus, Tom Schmit, Francesco Rosati, Tim Keller, Frederic Folz, Andreas Buchheit, Marc Hermes.
Not in the picture: Susanne Blum, Monika Francois, Katharina Rojan, Sascha Wald.
Dec 2014 Group Photo December 2014
From left to right: Giovanna Morigi, Timo Holz, Ralf Betzholz, Andreas Buchheit, Florian Cartarius, Thomás Fogarty, Katharina Rojan, Monika Francois, Stefan Schütz, Susanne Blum, Simon Jäger, Luigi Giannelli, Marc Bienert
Not in the picture: Lukas Himbert,Tim Keller, Rebecca Kraus, Sascha Wald, Ingeborg Michel
Oct 2013 Group photo October 2013
From left to right: Marc Bienert, Andreas Buchheit, Oxana Mishina, Katharina Rojan, Susanne Blum, Stefan Schütz, Giovanna Morigi, Thomas Fogarty, Ingeborg Michel, Jens Baltrusch, Tristan Tentrup, Monika Francois, Simon Jäger.
Not in the picture: Ralf Betzholz, Florian Cartarius, Luigi Giannelli, Timo Holz
Dec 2012 Group photo December 2012
From left to right: Giovanna, Gianluca, Christian, Marc, Hessam, Oxana, Bruno, Tristan, Jens, Stefan, Ralf, Susanne and Katharina.
Not in the picture: Andreas, Florian and Pierre.
Jun 2012 Group photo June 2012
From left to right: Giovanna, Jens, Marc, Mauricio, Bruno, Christian, Endre, Tristan, Rick, Cecilia, Stefan, Ralf, Susanne, Pierre, Timo, Oxana, Sascha, Mélanie and Florian. Not in the picture: Hessam and Cassandra.
Apr 2012 Group photo April 2012
Standing, from left to right: Hessam, Stefan, Bruno, Cecilia, Tristan, Pierre, Jens, Endre and Marc
Kneeling, from left to right: Florian, Christian, Mauricio, Oxana, Susanne, Melanie and Giovanna.
Not on the picture: Alex, Ralf and Rick.
May 2011 Group photo May 2011
Standing, from left to right: Giovanna, Florian, Tristan, Katharina, Sergey, Stefan and Cecilia
Kneeling, from left to right: Jens, Marc, Endre, Christian and Susanne. Not on the picture: Hessam, Melanie and Rick.
Nov 2010 Group photo November 2010
From left to right: Marc, Jens, Hessam, Katharina, Susanne, Dominic, Christian, Sergey, Stefan S. and Cecilia, Daniel, Tristan, Giovanna and Florian
Jul 2010 Group photo July 2010
From left to right: Cecilia L., Hessam, Marc, Christian, Stefan R., Susanne, Jens, Cecilia C., Stefan S., Sergey, Dominic and Giovanna. Daniel and Katharina missed the photo shooting this time!

Fun Pics

Here there are some random photos we have taken in talks, conferences and other group-related events. Enjoy!

May 2013 Maiwanderung 2013 happy faces
Maiwanderung 2013: happy faces
May 2013 Maiwanderung 2013 on the way
Maiwanderung 2013: on the way
May 2012 Maiwanderung 2012 waiting for the reward
Maiwanderung 2012: waiting for the reward
May 2012 Maiwanderung 2012 hard work
Maiwanderung 2012: hard work
May 2012 Maiwanderung 2012 easy travel
Maiwanderung 2012: Some had a easier travel than others...
May 2012 Maiwanderung 2012 first stop
Maiwanderung 2012 first stop.
May 2011 Photo Saarschleife May 2011
Journey to the Saarschleife
postdoctoral snowman
Postdocs at work: Ceci, Stefano, Sergey and the postdoctoral snowman. (February 2010)
maiwanderung 2010
Maiwanderung - after the Wanderung! :-) (May 2010)
group photo
Group photo taken in the courtyard of the E2 buildings. Behind on the left, E2.6, where our offices are. (June 2010)