• Project Meeting "Quantum Crystals of Matter and Light"

    October 04 2016 – October 06 2016

    “Quantum Crystals of Matter and Light”, Project Workshop
    Saarbruecken, October 4th-6th, Campus E26, Room E04.


    Each talk: 30 Minutes + 10 minutes discussion

    Tuesday October 4th
    Start at 15:15 Welcome - Juergen Eschner and Giovanna Morigi
    15:30 Lorenz Hruby “Metastable many-body states in a cavity”
    16:00 Discussion
    16:10 Igor Mekhov “Competition between weak quantum measurement and many-body dynamics”
    16:40 Discussion
    16:50 Coffee Break
    17:15 Andreas Buchheit “Commensurate-Incommensurate Transition in presence of cavity backaction”
    17:45 Discussion
    18:00 End of Session
    19:00 Dinner - Pizzeria Italia

    Wednesday October 5th
    9:00 Hannes Goethe ““Emission from a side-pumped atom-cavity system”
    9:30 Discussion
    9:40 Valentin Torggler “Optimization with ultracold atoms in a multimode optical resonator”
    10:10 Discussion
    10:20 Coffee Break
    10:45 Tim Keller “Thermodynamics of photon-mediated selforganization in multimode cavities”
    11:15 Discussion
    11:25 Simon Jäger “Semiclassical theory of synchronization-induced supercooling”
    11:55 Discussion
    12:30 Lunch / Mensa
    14:30 Lab Tour, J. Eschner,
    Then free afternoon (Project meeting: Donner, Eschner, Morigi, Ritsch)
    19:00 Dinner at Stiefel

    Thursday October 6th
    9:00 Andrea Morales “Supersolid formation in a quantum gas breaking continuous translational symmetry”
    9:30 Discussion
    9:40 Rebecca Kraus “(Few-Body) Localization in presence of cavity backaction”
    10:10 Discussion
    10:20 Coffee Break
    10:45 Benjamin Bogner “Cavity-induced quantum phases of ultracold atoms in commensurate potentials”
    11:15 Discussion
    11:25 Farokh Mivehvar “Topological Fermionic Superradiant Phase in Transversely Pumped Cavities”
    11:55 Concluding Discussion
    12:30 Lunch /Mensa
    14:00 Departure

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