• Kaiserslautern-Saarbrücken Meeting 2012

    June 25 2012


    Joint meetings together with the research group of Prof. Fleischhauer, TU Kaiserslautern.


    Morning session
    • Susanne Blum: “Frequency down-conversion of single photons”
    • Fabian Grusdt: “Fractional Quantum Hall Physics with Rydberg Dark State Polaritons”
    • Jens Baltrusch: “Probing Quantum Many-Body States of Ion Coulomb Crystals by Ramsey Interferometry”
    Afternoon session
    • Michael Höning: “Steady-state crystallization of Rydberg excitations in optically driven lattice gases”
    • Matthias Moos: “Criticality in nonequilibrium steady states of 1D lattice systems”
    • Florian Cartarius: “Crystalline structures in multipole traps”

    Afterwards lab tour to the laboratories of AG Eschner and AG Becher

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