• Nancy-Saarbrücken Meeting 2011

    April 11 2011

    Saarbrücken, Germany

    The meeting will take place on April 11th from 10 a.m. on in seminar room 4.18.

    Talks will be given by Dragi Karevski, Jean-Yves Fortin and Malte Henkel from Nancy, and by Marc Bienert, Endre Kajari and Jens Baltrusch from Saarbrücken.


    Morning session
    • Jens Baltrusch: “Quantum Superpositions of Different Structures of Small Ion Coulomb Crystals”
    • Jean-Yves Fortin: “Magnetic oscillations in organic conductors”
    • Marc Bienert: “Optomechanics and atoms”
    Afternoon session
    • Dragi Karevski: “Critical quench dynamics in confined systems”
    • Endre Kajari: “Long-distance entanglement between two harmonic oscillators via a quantum reservoir”
    • Malte Henkel: “Ageing phenomena far from equilibrium and local dynamical symmetries”

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