September 29 2017

04-05.10: Dr. Hiroki Takahashi (University of Sussex) visits us.

Dr. Hiroki Takahashi (University of Sussex) visits us from Wednesday, October 4th to Thursday, October 5th. He will give a talk on Wednesday, October 4th at 9:00 in our Ctrl-Q seminar (room E.04, building E2.6).

Coupling a single ion to an optical fibre cavity: Towards strong coupling

Cavity QED with single trapped ions has been pursued for long time as a promising avenue for quantum network but has not yet achieved strong coupling with a single ion. This is due to the technical difficulty in combining ion traps and dielectric cavity mirrors in a small volume. The development of fiber-based Fabry-Perot cavities has offered a new perspective for integrating small optical cavities in ion traps. Their reduced size and possibility of tight integration and electrical shielding has the potential to achieve a small cavity-mode volume without seriously compromising the trapping stability. Recently we succeeded in coupling a single trapped ion to an optical fibre cavity. We observed a Purcell effect caused by the cavity which strongly alters the photon emission property of a Calcium 40 ion (Takahashi et al. PRA 96, 023824 (2017)). Through analysis of the measurement results, we have obtained an ion-cavity coupling of 5.3 +/- 0.1 MHz. the largest reported so far for a single ion in the infrared domain. The coupling is mainly limited by the spatial overlap between the ion and cavity field. However this can be further optimised by manipulating the rf field in the trap. We report on the most recent development in the experiment towards achieving strong coupling of a single ion.

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