January 31 2018

05-06.02.2018: Visit of Prof. Dr. Andreas Buchleitner and collaborators (Uni Freiburg)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Buchleitner (Uni Freiburg) and his collaborators will visit us from Monday 05.02.2018 to Tuesday 06.02.2018.

Dr. L. de Forges de Parny (Uni Freiburg) will give a talk in our group seminar on Tuesday 06.02.2018, at 10:00 in room 4.18.

Supersolid Phase in Ultracold Gases

The supersolid phase has attracted a great attention since its theoretical prediction by Andreev and Liftshitz in 1969. This exotic phase is characterized by both long-range phase coherence (a superfluid property) and spatial ordering (a solid property). In other words, a supersolid is able to move without friction while retaining a rigid shape! Many different unsuccessful experiments have focused on the observation of this phase ... until 2016. For the first time, the supersolid phase has been unambiguously observed in two independent ultracold gases experiments [1,2]. We have focused on the model investigated in the T. Esslinger's experiment, in which an optical cavity allows the establishment of long-range interactions between bosons in an optical lattice [1]. Using quantum Monte Carlo simulations, we obtained a similar - but more precise - phase diagram than the experimental one, and confirmed the existence of the supersolid phase using finite-size scaling techniques. Our theoretical study also elucidates the nature of the quantum phase transitions.

[1] R. Landig, L. Hruby, N. Dogra, M. Landini, R. Mottl, T. Donner, and T. Esslinger, Nature 532, 476 (2016).

[2] J-R Li, J. Lee, W. Huang, S. Burchesky, B. Shteynas, F.Top, A. Jamison, and W. Ketterle, Nature 543, 91–94 (2017).

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