February 24 2017

1-4.03.2017: Visit of Dr. Giulia De Rosi (University of Trento)

Dr. Giulia De Rosi (University of Trento) will be visiting us from 01.03 to 04.03. On Thursday 02.03 at 10.30 in room 4.18 she will give a talk about: "Collective oscillations of trapped atomic gases in low dimensions: a tool for the investigation of collisional processes".


Since 20 years, both theoretical and experimental investigation of collective oscillations has been carried out in trapped quantum gases. Fermionic and bosonic gases at different interaction, temperature, dimensions and geometrical configurations have been studied. We show a unified description of collective modes for all above atomic gases. All collective frequencies have been calculated by solving a single equation for the fl ow velocity derived starting from the hydrodynamic equations. Moreover, by using the sum- rule approach, we predict a different excitation signal at high temperature for the dipole compression mode in the hydrodynamic (single frequency) and collisionless (beating of 2 frequencies) regime for a one dimension (1D) harmonically trapped Bose gas. This theoretical prediction opens promising perspectives for the experimental investigation of collisional effects in 1D.


[1] G. De Rosi and S. Stringari, "Collective oscillations of a trapped quantum gas in low dimensions",
Phys. Rev. A 92 , 053617 (2015)

[2] G. De Rosi and S. Stringari, "Hydrodynamic versus collisionless dynamics of a one-dimensional harmonically trapped Bose gas" ,
Phys. Rev. A 94 , 063605 (2016)

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