October 16 2017

20.10.2017: Dr. Arezoo Mokhberi (University of Mainz) visits us.

Dr. Arezoo Mokhberi (University of Mainz) visits us on Friday, October 20th. She will give a talk at 10:15 in seminar room 4.18, building E2.6.

Cold, trapped ions excited to Rydberg states

Excitation of cold, trapped ions to electronically high-laying Rydberg states offers a unique opportunity for observing novel effects arising from the interplay between the Coulomb interaction and their giant dipole moments. Rydberg ions exhibits the potential for quantum simulation and quantum computation. There are also exciting proposals for investigating phase transitions in these systems. However, experimental challenges had impeded the progress on this project for about ten years. The Mainz ion-trapping group was pioneering to demonstrate the first excitation of trapped ions to Rydberg states. I will talk about our experiment, and will give a picture of the current status of this technology as well as future plans.

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