June 12 2012

Physics colloquia: Astakhov, Brenner, Bushev

Georgy Astakhov (Universit├Ąt W├╝rzburg), "Optical control of silicon vacancy qubits in silicon carbide".
June 13th, 10:15 h.

Thomas Brenner (MPI Erlangen), "Photonen losschicken und einfangen - Organische Optoelektronik aus der Nanoskala".
June 13th, 14:15 h.

Pavel Bushev (KIT Karlsruhe), "Interconnecting of solid-state qubits over long distances".
June 14th, 10:15 h.

All three talks will take place in building D2.2, HS A.

Complete information (including abstracts for these and future talks) can be found in the Physics Colloquium Schedule.

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