December 11 2015

New Article: Dynamical depinning of a Tonks Girardeau gas

Dynamical depinning of a Tonks Girardeau gas

Florian Cartarius, Eiji Kawasaki, Anna Minguzzi
Phys. Rev. A 92, 063605 (2015)

We study the dynamical depinning following a sudden turn off of an optical lattice for a gas of impenetrable bosons in a tight atomic waveguide. We use a Bose-Fermi mapping to infer the exact quantum dynamical evolution. At long times, in the thermodynamic limit, we observe the approach to a nonequilibrium steady state, characterized by the absence of quasi-long-range order and a reduced visibility in the momentum distribution. Similar features are found in a finite-size system at times corresponding to half the revival time, where we find that the system approaches a quasisteady state with a power-law behavior.

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