April 14 2011

New article: N. J. Phys. 13, 043019 (2011)

Trapping ions with lasers
Cecilia Cormick, Tobias Schaetz and Giovanna Morigi
New Journal of Physics 13, 043019 (2011)

This work theoretically addresses the trapping of an ionized atom with a single valence electron by means of lasers, analyzing qualitatively and quantitatively the consequences of the net charge of the particle. In our model, the coupling between the ion and the electromagnetic field includes the charge monopole and the internal dipole, within a multipolar expansion of the interaction Hamiltonian. Specifically, we perform a Power–Zienau–Woolley transformation, taking into account the motion of the center of mass. The net charge produces a correction in the atomic dipole that is of order me/M, with me the electron mass and M the total mass of the ion. With respect to neutral atoms, there is also an extra coupling to the laser field that can be approximated by that of the monopole located at the position of the center of mass. These additional effects, however, are shown to be very small compared to the dominant dipolar trapping term.

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