June 27 2019

Popular physics blog releases post about our article "Sound of an axon's growth"

Journalists from the popular blog "Physics Buzz" have released a post about our article "Sound of an axon's growth": http://physicsbuzz.physicscentral.com/2019/06/through-oscillating-chemicals-your.html

Sound of an axon's growth

F. Folz, L. Wettmann, G. Morigi, and K. Kruse
Physical Review E, vol. 99 (2019)

Axons are linear structures of nerve cells that can range from a few tens of micrometers up to meters in length. In addition to external cues, the length of an axon is also regulated by unknown internal mechanisms. Molecular motors have been suggested to generate oscillations with an axon-length-dependent frequency that could be used to measure an axon's extension. Here, we present a mechanism for determining the axon length that couples the mechanical properties of an axon to the spectral decomposition of the oscillatory signal.

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