August 03 2012

Talk by T. Pattard

"How to publish your work in the Physical Review".
Dr. Thomas Pattard (APS Editorial Office, Ridge, NY)

August, Friday 3rd at 11:00. Room: E04.


When you try to publish your work in a peer-reviewed journal such as the Physical Review, it often appears that authors, referees and editors all speak different languages and pursue different goals (a "me versus them" feeling). Indeed, the pressure to "publish or perish" in the modern academic world sometimes seems incompatible with the idea of conveying actual and useful information to the reader of a journal, who wants to stay up-to-date with current developments in her/his field of interest. On the other hand, a significant part of this feeling is rooted in miscommunication that could easily be avoided by a better mutual understanding of the needs of authors, referees, editors and readers.

In this talk, I will try to give some insight into the publishing process from the perspective of an editor. I will give a short overview of APS publishing, and the workflow associated with the handling of a typical manuscript. This will lead us to the question of what we are looking for in a paper / referee report / cover letter, and how the communication between all involved parties can be improved. Using examples from actual communication we receive, I will try to give a few hints that might actually make you a better author and/or referee. In the last few minutes of the talk, I will briefly discuss various recent APS initiatives.

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