January 11 2017

11-13.01.2017 visit of Prof. George Batrouni (University Sophia Antipolis, Nice)

Prof. George Batrouni (University Sophia Antipolis, Nice) visits our group from January 11th till January 13th. On January 12th he will give a colloquium with the title "Quantum Monte Carlo Study Of The Rabi-Hubbard and Dicke models"


Many-body physics with light is attracting increasing interest for quantum technological applications and for the novel insights it offers on photon-matter interactions at the limits. In this talk I will first recall and review the dynamics of periodic photonic structures, which are theoretically described by the extension of the Rabi and the related Jaynes-Cummings and Dicke models. I will then present the Rabi lattice (RLM) and the Jaynes-Cummings (JC) lattice models. After a brief review of the JC model phase diagram, I will present our work on the phase diagram of the RLM using mean field and QMC simulations. I will also discuss our work in progress on a realization of the Dicke model, and compare our predictions with experimental results recently obtained by the group of Tilmann Esslinger at ETH in Z├╝rich.

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