October 04 2013

09.10.2013 Masud Haque (MPI Dresden) is visiting us

Masud Haque (Max-Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden) is visiting us and will give a talk on Wednesday 09.10.2013 at 10.15 in E.04.

Title: "Non-equilibrium dynamics in isolated quantum systems"


Quantum many-body physics has traditionally been dominated by detailed
investigations of equilibrium properties and low-energy excitations. In
the last decade or so, motivated by novel experimental possibilities
such as cold atoms, the study of quantum matter far from equilibrium
has emerged as an important and exciting new field.

I will provide a selection of new questions and phenomena that have
appeared in the context of non-equilibrium evolution in isolated
systems. I will detail two examples, namely, (1) the dynamics of
composite objects in lattice systems, and (2) Bloch oscillations of
many-body systems in a tilted lattice.

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