Welcome to QSAAR, the Saarland Center for Quantum Technologies


Quantum Technologies will fundamentally shape the future of communication, computation, metrology, and sensing.

Quantum communication offers improved security that it is based on the fundamental laws of physics. Quantum computation will allow one to solve certain problems and investigate systems that are too complex for conventional computers. Quantum metrology uses fundamental physical processes to define and to realize the units in which we measure physical quantities, and quantum sensing utilizes the extreme sensitivity of quantum processes to perturbations and thereby takes the art of measurement to the absolute limits set by unavoidable quantum fluctuations.

At the Saarland University we have created QSAAR, the Saarland Center for Quantum Technologies, where theoretical physicists, experimental physicists and mathematicians collaborate in their research to develop, study, and demonstrate quantum technologies. We also offer specialized classes and seminars where the basics and the state of the art in quantum technologies are taught. Browse this webpage and find out who we are and what activities we pursue in research and education.

P. Bushev, C. Becher, J. Eschner, S. Montangero, G. Morigi, E. Neu, F. Wilhelm